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Spring cleaning has never been so profitable. If you recently did a massive decluttering or just have a few items hanging around your house here is your quick go-to guide on what to do with them (listed from best to least favorite):

1. Facebook Swap and Sell Forums

I love this option because Facebook inherently takes the anonymity out of the equation. St. Louis alone has over fifty groups and just about every city has them. List your item for sale stating your price in the comments (like you would do any other posting) and wait for a response. Send the first person who is interested a private message (PM) and coordinate a pick up. There is no bargaining and no hassle. 

Note: most people elect to do a Porch Pick Up where they PM their address to the person buying the item and leave it outside their house. I have personally made hundreds of dollars selling my stuff through these forums and elected the Porch Pick Up every time. I never once had someone take something without paying for it. 

2. Tradesy

Tradsey.com is an excellent on-line virtual closet where you can sell (and buy) high end items. Think Coach, Gucci, and Louboutin. Once you have an account it takes less than 60 seconds to list an item and of course you set your own price. When your item sells tradesy will send you a free shipping kit with the buyer’s address. Once the post office processes the package the money deposits into your account (minus a 9% commission fee). 

I just checked and to date I’ve made $575.50 selling my stuff using this site. 

3. Gazelle.com

Love, Love, Love Gazelle. They give new life to used smartphones and other electronic devices. I sold an eight year old computer on gazelle and they promptly sent me a $250 check. The best part is it’s super easy to see how much your device is worth so there’s no surprises. Gazelle pays cash in hand with no fees. I highly encourage you to check them out. 

4. Amazon

Amazon is a great place to sell books (especially text books). Enter the EIN code found on the back of the book to see what price you’ll receive. Understand this is not a cash offer, rather a credit to your amazon account to use on future purchases. 

5. Ebay

Turn your stuff into cash with eBay. Understand with eBay you are responsible for shipping the item and they generally take a 10% commission. Also, their fees, terms, and conditions are quite confusing.

6. Craigslist

I’ve sold everything from a stove to a motorcycle on Craigslist. Craigslist does an incredible job of connecting communities but keep your guard up when selling and / or buying on the site. Always meet in a public place; many police departments allow citizens to complete Craigslist transactions in their parking lots. 

7. Platos Closet

Plato’s Closet is a second-hand used clothing store and is great for teenager clothes and accessories. Don’t expect top dollar though—they normally give you much less compared with the other options. However, if you are looking for a quick and easy turn-around with little energy invested on your part, this is a good option. They pay cash on the spot and no appointment is necessary. 

8. Once Upon a Child

Once Upon a Child is the same concept as Plato’s Closet (it’s their sister company). Bring in your gently used kids’ clothing, toys, shoes, and baby gear. They pay cash on the spot for items accepted and buy all seasons. No appointment is necessary. 

Note: if you are posting your item online follow these simple tips to get the most money you can. 

  1. take great pictures at every angle and use natural light if possible

  2. describe the item in detail (brand, color, size, etc.) and make sure to list any deficiencies

  3. annotate why you are selling the item (it no longer serves me because…)

  4. include how much the item retails for and / or how much you paid for it

  5. not sure what to list for? I recommend asking 50% of the retail value. Ask for more if it’s not time sensitive and less for a quicker sale.



Erin Neumann

Expert Copywriter and Squarespace Web Designer