Slay the Junk Mail Dragon

don’t let junk mail keep you unorganized

Junk mail is a massive waste of our natural resources and our time. The key to stopping unwanted mail is getting your name off mailing lists. Follow these 7 steps to slay the junk mail dragon.


1. National Do Not Mail List

  • Direct Mail runs a marketing mail campaign for vendors.

  • Mail-order companies who subcontract with them do NOT want to waste their money sending mail to people who don’t want to receive it.

  • Direct Mail takes your name off their lists and thousands of other commercial lists in existence.


2. Catalog Choice

  • Catalog Choice is a stellar non-profit who’s mission is to stop junk mail for good.

  • When you register make sure to have all your unwanted catalogs and other junk mail that clutter your home or office with you.

  • Simply search for the sender and submit the “opt out” request (they do everything else for you!).

  • Catalog Choice can also be used to cancel mail on behalf of another person including previous occupants or a deceased family member.


3. DMA Choice

  • Manage the mail you or anyone in your household receives

  • Steps: login in —> my account —> unsubscribe from catalogs, magazines and other mail offers


4. Stop Credit Card Offers

  • Register online to be removed from all credit card offers for five years.

  • Mail signed form to be removed from all credit card offers for LIFE!


5. Valpark

  • You know the coupon pack you always look through but never use?


6. RedPlum 

  • More coupons. Keep these of course if you actually use them.


7. Credit Card Companies

  • Call your current credit card companies and ask to have your accounts moved to their “in house” list so your information is not sold or traded to other companies (yes, they do that!)




1. National “Do Not Call” List 

  • Make sure you register your phone number on the National “Do Not Call” List


2. Robo Call Block 

  • This is a great option to block those annoying robot calls and telemarketers.

  • Land lines can register for free and cell phone users have the option of paying $1.99 / line or $4.99 for four lines.

  • Legal robocalls (think school closings and prescription reminders) are allowed through.


These steps admittedly take time upfront to complete but, like organizing, will end up saving you SO much more time (and possibly your sanity) in the long run. Keep in mind many of the publications print their material months in advance so be patient while you watch your junk mail dwindle.  


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Erin Neumann

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