Move Through Fear

it can be scary to get organized but don’t let fear stop you

Fear. It stops me dead in my tracks if I allow it. Thankfully I have a partner who continually pushes me through it. Although I must admit, in the moment I am the opposite of thankful. 

My family is currently on vacation in a remote mountain town called Creede, Colorado. We are staying in a beautiful cabin and every window I look out there are incredible mountain views. 

After our morning coffee we decided to breath in the fresh mountain air and took a hike to the river. 

I intended to view the powerful river from the overlooking hilltop. Not. My. Husband. With our daughter in tow he traversed the steep switchback to the rushing river below. I envisioned one misstep and… I’m not even going to finish the thought. I may or may not have cursed him out.

We are powerful spiritual beings and have the capability to create any reality we want. I know now I exaggerated the danger of the situation in my mind and let fear take control. Thanking my angels for being with me (I should have thanked them for being with my daughter!) I carefully followed. 

Words cannot begin to describe the beauty of the view from the bottom. With the homes to our back and out of sight, I caught a glimpse of what I can only imagine heaven is like. Mother Earth shared with me her natural beauty and what she looks like when humans live harmoniously with her. It was magical. 

Reflecting on what I could have missed if I let fear control the situation I wonder how many other missed opportunities I have had. I consider myself to be a pretty adventurous person but the truth is I am easily frightened. There have been times where I have literally been scared of my own shadow. 

Starting my own business? Absolutely terrifying. There are so many what if’s: What if I fail? What if I’m rejected? What if people think I’m a fraud? What if I can’t actually help people? What will people think of my writing? It’s a vulnerable and frightening feeling.

But I know just on the other side of fear is magic. The magic of consciously creating my dream life filled with joy, purpose, and gratitude. The magic of helping free others so they can live their highest purpose. 

I don’t view fear as something I need to conquer but rather see it as a great teacher. I gently tell myself to move through it so I don’t miss the magic of life

And I remind myself I’m not alone.

And that the universe has my back. 



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Erin Neumann

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