Ground Yourself in the Present with an Eye to the Future

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I have spent almost my entire life either living in the past or looking to the future, never fully immersed in the present moment. In high school I worked hard so I could attended a good college in order to land a good job. While at West Point I dreamed of graduating and during my service in the Army I looked forward to the day my contract would be over.

I was always looking to the future, never satisfied with where I was.

When I think about my past painful memories of broken relationships and bad decisions lay just below the surface. I also find myself yearning for my friends who became my family and pieces of my heart but who I’ve let slip into the darkness of nights’ past.

It wasn’t until I had my daughter that I wanted to be present. I didn’t want to miss a precious moment of her life or throw away any more of mine.

It is hard being present. I get distracted easily and it is something I have to work on daily.

I’ve found carving out time for reflection, meditation, and stillness are essential and help me stay true to my authentic self.

In those moments I know what it is to be at peace; in the stillness I realize everything else is white noise.

My goal is to ground myself fully in the present with an eye to the future so I can stay on track to achieve my dreams. After all, it’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life exciting.

I encourage YOU to do the same.



* thank you, Mike Dooley, for this inspiring this post


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