Don't Blink

live intentionally and get organized before you miss out on your life

I’m reminded almost daily that time is an illusion. 

Twenty years ago I was in 4th grade creating a time capsule at my school, standing in formation of a 100 to celebrate my school turning a century old, thinking about the snow cones and birthday cake waiting for me when the helicopter hovering above finished taking our picture. 

Today Barretts is opening that time capsule and once again I reflect on how strange time is. I feel like I blinked and 20 years are gone. I feel like I’m going to blink again my daughter will be graduating college. 

I take a slow sip from my coffee, look at my daughter playing on the floor with a bugaboo in one hand, a fake ice cream sandwich in the other, and the joy of her laughter filling the room. 

I’ve been watching her all day but for the first time I really see her: those perfect lips, her ski-sloped button nose, and her beautiful fair complexion with rose colored cheeks. I swear I can see the universe in her eyes when I stare deep enough. 

Time stands still but I still hear the turquoise clock hanging on the kitchen wall methodically ticking away at the same pace it always does. 

I am reminded it is more important than ever to live in the moment. 


Erin Neumann

Expert Copywriter and Squarespace Web Designer