Life is not about making money, it’s about making room for what matters. 

A Note to my Daughter

Tomorrow is a brand new day.

How to Meal Plan

How to Meal Plan

Planning meals in advance will help you save money and eat healthy throughout the week.

Turn Your Stuff Into Cash

If you recently did a massive decluttering or just have a few items hanging around your house here is your quick go-to guide on what to do with them

Where to Donate Items

A go-to guide on where to donate discarded items.

Don't Blink

I’m reminded almost daily that time is an illusion. 

A New Beginning

No matter where we are in life, it's never too late for a new beginning.

Slay the Junk Mail Dragon

Junk mail is a massive waste of our natural resources and our time. The key to stopping unwanted mail is getting your name off mailing lists. Follow these 7 steps to slay the junk mail dragon.

Move Through Fear

Fear. It stops me dead in my tracks if I allow it. Thankfully I have a partner...

Ground Yourself in the Present with an Eye to the Future

I have spent almost my entire life either living in the past or looking to the future, never fully immersed in the present moment...

Memories Outlast Things

Isabelle's first birthday (and the subsequent holiday season) is right around the corner...

Anyone Can Live in a Tiny House

I want a tiny house. I love everything about them especially their minimalistic, mortgage free, mobile lifestyle...

Hi There!

Hi, I’m Erin. I graduated from West Point and have my Masters in Business Administration. I have jumped out of planes, learned to disarm bombs, and have been to twenty (20) countries...