Anyone Can Live in a Tiny House

live clutter free in a tiny house

I want a tiny house. I love everything about them especially their minimalistic, mortgage free, mobile lifestyle. In reality I know it’s not possible with a husband I can’t share a bathroom with (boys are gross), a 10 month old baby, and a dog. So what I should be saying is my 25-year-old self wants a tiny house. {Hey single Erin, did you really need a 4 bedroom / 3 bath house? And how many designer purses, shoes, and sunglasses can a girl own? You’re in the Army for crying out loud, you can’t even wear them!}

You can’t change the past, but you can learn from it.

Today my generous neighbor offered me clothes her daughter barely wore before outgrowing. When I told my husband about our score he said “you can’t bring those clothes into a tiny house.”

It looks like my husband, who is adamant about not living in a tiny house, has already moved in. I guess it’s time for me to move in too.

<3 Erin


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