A Note to my Daughter

live intentionally

Dearest Isabelle,

My favorite time with you is right after I give you your bottle, before I lay you in your crib. You roll over in my arms and nestle your sweet face onto my chest. Sometimes you sink so deep into me you don’t even stir. In this moment you are content (you’re belly is full and your diaper is clean), you are safe, loved and at peace. It’s a strange phenomenon but I can feel our hearts connect and instantly I feel like my chest is going to burst. 

As your mother it is my duty to make sure you grow up with contentment, safety, love, and peace—just like those moments between wake and sleep as a baby. Warm bottles will be replaced with warm hugs and cups of tea. And you won’t want to sleep on my chest but if you ever want to get something off yours, I will ALWAYS be here to listen (not to judge or try to give you advice even though I will probably be dying too). 

The world can be really beautiful when you allow it. If you find yourself stuck in a pattern of ugliness or negativity, do what I taught you: lean in, keep moving forward, think good thoughts and above all else remember that tomorrow is a brand new day. 




Erin Neumann

Expert Copywriter and Squarespace Web Designer