A New Beginning

life is magical when you’re organized

Lately I have increasingly been attracted to working with angels in my life. I believe communicating with them is a priceless gift that we don’t have to go on some treasure hunt to find it—we just have to look inwards because this jewel is buried inside us all. 

In the beginning my communication with angels was a one-way street but I stayed persistent in thanking them for their guidance and guardianship over me and asking for signs that they are with me. 

And while the communication started off with me talking to them like a crazy person I began to open myself up to their signs. 

Before driving to Colorado I prayed and thanked them for a safe and easy journey and as I looked up there was the address 777 sprawled across a building I must have driven by a hundred times but never seemed to notice before. On the way home from that trip I said the same prayer and the first thing I saw was an “Oh Thank Heaven” 7-11 sign. 

These beautiful signs have been coming fast and furious ever since and I’m so grateful for them. 

Just today as I sat down to write this entry I opened my computer and my latest google search of Archangel Jophiel was up. My eyes darted to the clock and the time was 12:11 (I set the intention anytime I saw an :11 it was a sign from my angels that they were with me). Serendipitously my playlist started playing “Dreamer” by Isbells (my daughter’s name is Isabelle) and the lyrics were:

“Your prayers will be heard / Angels will come to sing / The moment you start believing / You get a new beginning.”

This was NOT some spiritual playlist it was the coffeehouse playlist on spotify. 

If you want to communicate with angels talk to them. Alot. Continuously show your gratitude for their touch in your life. But most importantly, open your heart so you don’t miss their signs. They are everywhere and once you get over the skepticism and doubt you can’t stop seeing them. 

I know this is just the beginning and I can’t wait to see what’s next. No matter where we are in life, it's never too late for a new beginning.


Erin Neumann

Expert Copywriter and Squarespace Web Designer